Why Do You Need WhatsApp Business API?


10 May 2023

What is WhatsApp Business API?

Promoting products and services

Automating reservation confirmation

Handling customer enquiries with multiple devices simultaneously

WhatsApp Business API suppliers

MatrixForce one-stop WhatsApp business API commercial and social user management platform. Functions include multi-user/team management, real-time conversation (omni-channel), 7x24 AI bot (no coding required), CRM system, e-commerce and digital payment system integration etc.SleekFlow’s omni-channel social commercial app allows you to offer a complete user journey through social and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, text and instant message etc., pushing the development of e-commerce from conversation to conversion.VIMOS is AI-powered and includes functions like brand new conversational sales automated system, collaborative personalised conversational sales solution and  one-stop management of conversational to improve customers’ online experience.dumbChat can connect with channels like WhatsApp, Instagram and WeChat. It supports multiple logins to raise efficiency and refine customer experience. Users can also set up automated reply, reducing staff’s workload and facilitating the assignment of jobs according to staff’s needs.