About Us

Who We Are

We build a complete merchant service ecosystem that accelerates growth for businesses of all sizes. KPay combined payment solutions with our financial technology platform that connects merchants to affordable business solutions that they need.

KPay is committed to facilitating digital transformation for merchants, who often face limitations due to high costs, and the lack of technological support and resources. We believe all merchants deserve to operate their business without distraction, and focus entirely on their growth and delivering value to their customers.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between technology and business growth. We empower businesses to operate effortlessly and without distraction.

Our Vision

To place the power of technology into every merchant’s hands, allowing them to focus on their growth and delivering value to their customers.

Our Purpose

To create a more inclusive and intuitive approach to running a business.

Key achievements




business sectors served


year-on-year merchant growth

What drives us forward?
We are eager to be better and constantly seeking to improve and innovate. We are not afraid of challenges and we want to make a difference. We take initiative to make improvements. We aim high and execute with excellence. We inspire others and raise the bar for all of us.
We never cease to learn and push ourselves to go beyond ordinary. We believe that we can accomplish anything if we set our minds to do so. We equip ourselves with the knowledge and expertise to thrive and make contributions. We are open to share experiences and make positive influences on others.
We hold ourselves accountable and take pride for our work and decision. If we see a gap in something, then we jump in and take ownership. We are committed to do what it takes to get the desired outcomes, regardless of the complexity of the issue at hand. We take tangible steps toward achieving our goals.
Where we are
With our headquarters based in Hong Kong, we are now also operating in Singapore, with a total of 150 staff members.
Our Milestone


  • Became the market share leader among all non-bank Payment Facilitators in Hong Kong
  • Served 33,000+ merchants
  • Launched the first one-stop pay-in and pay-out management platform to offer merchants simple, seamless, secure and insightful financial management capabilities.


  • Served 25,000+ merchants
  • Rolled out Payment Link and buy-now-pay-later service to accelerate digital transformation of merchants
  • Expanded to Japan


  • Secured a US$10M funding
  • Launched KConnect and KFund
  • Merchant base increased to 15,000
  • Expanded to Singapore


  • Founded in Hong Kong
  • Launched the first e-payment solution—Smart POS Terminal
  • Served 8,000+ local SMEs