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for fast growing businesses

A platform providing revenue-based financing solutions to power up SME merchants. Capture instant growth with fast and easy funding.

  • Simple application process without tedious paperwork
  • No collateral required
  • Flexible repayment
Turning your ambitions into actions
Wait no more. Use new capital to realise your business plan.
Expand business locations
Scale up marketing campaigns
Upgrade equipment
Pay out wages and salaries
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Flexible and automatic repayments
No more scheduled payments or setting aside cash for repayment. Repayments will be automatically taken out from a percentage of your daily revenue via KPay.

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No collateral required
All financing options offered via KFund are collateral-free.
You deserve the access to convenient funding options that enterprise-level businesses get.
Tailored funding plans
All funding offers are customised for your business needs. Your business analytics such as sales transaction data will be assessed in real-time to secure the best possible offers.
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Get approval as fast as 3 working days*. Accept your offer by signing an agreement and money will be banked into your account shortly.
*The application flow, actual time for loan approval and the loan disbursement may vary depending on the information and documents provided by the Merchant. Official announcements from partners will supersede this information.
Frequently asked questions
Q1. What is revenue-based financing?

Revenue-based financing is a type of financial capital provided to a business in return for a fixed percentage of ongoing gross revenues until the capital and handling fee has been settled. In the context of KFund, financial product decisions are based on your sales transaction records via KPay payment solutions, while the payment return will be a percentage of the daily settlement amount, subject to terms and conditions.

Q2. Who can apply KFund?

KFund applicants must be merchants who have been using KPay all-in-one payment solutions. Additional requirements and conditions are subject to change based on our financial solution or lending partners.

Q3. How does repayment work?

Repayments are collected from your daily settlement amount via KPay, at a fixed percentage approved by our financial solution or lending partner. The remaining settlement amount will then be transferred to your merchant account. For example, if the settlement amount is $10,000 on a particular day, $8,000 will be settled into your merchant account if the repayment percentage is set at 20%. The remaining $2,000 will be held by KPay for repayment to the financial solution or lending partner.

Q4. Are there any fees?

A fixed handling flat fee will be charged on the loan amount, subject to terms and conditions. There are no periodic nor compound interest fees. You will be informed of a flat fee up-front prior to accepting the offer, subject to terms and conditions. This fee will never increase throughout the repayment process.

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