In-Person Payments
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Unlock a superior payment experience with KPay. Our smart POS terminal is designed to elevate your in-store payment journeys.

  • Waiver of annual*, monthly, rental and installation fee
  • Accept all payment methods securely
  • Fit for any business
Support up to 15 types of payment methods
Go contactless
Keep your lines moving

Our POS terminal makes checkout fast and easy by accepting bank and credit cards as well as all forms contactless payment.

Portable device for
smooth checkout process
Designed and built with flexibility in mind, our portable smart POS terminal operates via SIM card or Wi-Fi.

Featuring a staggering battery life and USB rechargeable, simply charge your POS terminal during closing hours and get it back online during operation hours.

Manage real-time transactions all in one place

View real-time transactions with our merchant mobile application anytime, anywhere.

Provides insightful analysis of business performance and daily settlement summary.

Download the app now!

Secure, reliable and

Trust KPay with every transaction. We’re committed to protect your business and customers by safeguarding cardholder and transaction data, benchmarking the industry’s highest standards.

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 certified
  • Fully compliant with card scheme rules
  • Best-in-class data protection and network security
Trusted by
merchants of all kinds
With KPay’s service and KPay Merchant App, I am now able to review transaction data and analytical reports anytime, anywhere. This greatly helps me in streamlining communication with my partner for better understanding and greater efficiency.
Karen Chan
Using KPay since July 2021
After using KPay’s services, I feel much relieved as I can finally free myself from the endless humdrum work. KPay makes daily bookkeeping much easier as I can track the payment records and settlement details with one tap, without going through all the manual procedures.
Alex Chan
Rangefinder (Camera Shop)
Using KPay since May 2021
"KPay Technical Team is professional, they offer training to us and make sure all our staff knows how to use the device. KPay CS Team is also easy to reach through hotline and WhatsApp!"
Johnny Tse
Tress Hair Salon
Using KPay since August 2021
Get started instantly with
2 easy steps
1. Submit documents and create account
Apply online and submit the required documents. After verifying your business details, your KPay account will be activated.
2. Onboarding KPay POS
Schedule an on-site installation and tutorial with us. You can then start receiving payments through KPay Smart POS Terminal.

*Terms and conditions apply

Frequently asked questions
Q1. What are the differences between KPay Smart POS Terminal and Traditional POS Terminal?
Compared to Traditional POS Terminal, KPay Smart POS Terminal supports data SIM card or Wi-Fi network, which allows you to process payments anytime, anywhere. Apart from tapping, swiping and inserting a credit card, your customers can choose to pay by QR code (e.g. Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay App etc.).
Q2. Why choose KPay?
  • Cost effective: Price transparency. No POS rental fee & installation fee
  • Efficient: With the KPay Merchant App, review business performance to identify the market trends anytime.
  • Simple: One-time application to obtain multiple payment solutions.
  • Better customer experience: Support up to 15 major payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Alipay & WeChat Pay etc. Your customers can choose the payment method they are most comfortable with.
  • Highest data security guaranteed: Our payment solution including POS terminal and settlement platform are compliant to PCI DSS Level 1, EMV standards etc.
  • All-rounded support: On-site POS installation and tutorial will be given to our merchants. We also provide professional customer service support via hotline and WhatsApp.
  • Flexible and portable: KPay POS Terminal connects to the internet with a data SIM card or Wi-Fi network, which offers flexibility and mobility for merchants’ in-store set up and payment experiences.
Q3. Do I need to have a separate POS machine for each payment method?
No, KPay provides an integrated all-in-one POS Terminal that supports multiple payment methods with one device.
Q4. Do I need to apply for all payment methods at once?
You do not need to apply all payment methods at once. You can choose the suitable payment methods based on your business needs and apply to add extra payment methods to your KPay Smart POS whenever needed.
Q5. Does KPay POS Terminal support “Tap & Go”?
Consumers shall add their Tap & Go card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay, and pay through NFC contactless payment.
Q6. Does KPay POS Terminal support “BoC Pay”?
KPay POS Terminal supports BoC Pay if the merchant has activated the UnionPay App.
Q7. Can I void transactions on KPay Smart POS Terminal?
You can void transactions every day before settlement (00:00).
Q8. Does the KPay smart POS solution only accept applications from limited companies?
We welcome limited companies, sole proprietorship or general partnership companies to apply for our payment solution.
Q9. What do I need to be a KPay merchant?
To apply for our POS solution, you will need to prepare a valid ID document, Certificate of Incorporation (for limited company), Business Registration Certificate and company bank statement and your store’s photos. For details, please contact our Business Development Team.
Q10. How long does it take for a paid transaction to reach my bank account?
KPay understands a healthy cash flow is of utmost importance for SME merchants. Settlement amount will arrive the merchant's provided bank account as fast as 2 working days (T+2)*

*Subject to merchant's business nature and categories. KPay reserves the final rights of decisions.
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