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One-stop Smart POS Solution 一站式智能POS收款服務

* Payment and settlement service are provided by Allinpay International
* Payment and settlement service are provided by Allinpay International

Why choose e-payment? 為何使用電子支付?

  • According to “2022 The Global Payments Report” from FIS, the payment behaviors of consumers in physical stores are changing, especially COVID-19 expedited the development of e-payment. Cash transaction is projected to fall to less than 8% of POS transaction value in APAC by 2025.
  • Over 48% of Singapore consumers are using Credit Card or Digital/Mobile Wallet to pay in stores.
  • Merchants accepting e-payment not only increase the customer base, but also to reduce administrative cost compared with cash.
  • 根據美國金融服務技術公司FIS發佈的《2021年全球支付報告》,全球消費者於實體店的消費習慣持續改變。而疫情同時亦加速了電子支付的發展,現金的使用率下跌了32%,並預計會持續下降。
  • 香港人習慣使用信用卡作主要的支付工具。現時,信用卡及電子錢包付款佔商戶的總交易額達78%;相反,以現金支付則只有9%。
  • 商戶接受電子支付,不但可以擴大客戶群,而且亦可以節省成本,減少因收取現金所產生的成本,大大提升商戶營運效率。

Our Advantages 我們的優勢

More hygienic 節省成本

  • Minimise contact and the spread of the virus 收費清晰

Better customer experience 更好的付款體驗,擴大客戶群

  • Allow your customers to choose the payment method they are most comfortable with 讓你的客戶揀選最方便快捷的付款方法

Efficiency 提升效率

  • With KPay Merchant APP, review business performance to identify the market trends anytime 配合KPay商戶專用手機APP,一手掌握銷售表現,對賬更輕鬆

Flexible and mobile 靈活彈性

  • KPay POS Terminal allows our merchants to process transactions anywhere with data SIM card or Wi-Fi. Merchants could enjoy higher flexibility and mobility of their in store set up and payment experiences. KPay POS終端機無需固定於指定位置上,只需配合SIM卡或Wi-Fi使用,讓交易支付更暢通無阻!

Simple 簡化合約程序

  • Minimise the number of contracts to obtain all the payment solutions above 無需花時間向每間支付工具服務商申請,便可擁有多項收款方案

All-rounded support 完善支援服務

  • Professional and Technical support 專人上門安裝教學,並設有客戶服務熱線及WhatsApp 與商戶保持緊密聯繫,及隨時提供支援。

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