A powerful platform
maximises growth

Access and manage a suite of ready-to-use SaaS applications and tools all from one place. Our platform transforms business data into actionable insights to help grow your business.

  • Simplify business and operations management on one platform
  • Unify and analyse operational data across multiple software and platforms
  • Save operational cost
Manage, operate and strategise.
All in one place.
Payment solutions
Real-time online and offline transaction tracking
Offer diverse payment solutions
  • In-store payment
  • Online payment
  • Buy-now-pay-later
Business operations
Streamline your day-to-day business management
Enhance operations efficiency
  • O2O channel management
  • Inventory management
  • HR management
  • Logistics management
Business support
Maximise your business’ potential with empowering analytics
Empower merchants to make data-driven decisions
  • Data analysis & dashboard
  • Financing and capital solutions
  • Consultation & advisory
Business growth
Omnichannel sales and marketing tools targeted for growth
Bring in customers, improve retention and capture more revenue
  • Social marketing
  • KOL marketing
  • CRM & loyalty program
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Explore SaaS tools and other services in our app marketplace that
add value to your business.

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for your growing business

Standardised and synchronised data

Consolidating data from your POS terminals, CRM platform, inventory system and all to create a holistic view of your business.

All about simplicity, designed for every user

Our user-friendly platform delivers a frictionless operating and onboarding experience.

The best value guaranteed

We work out the best offer with our partners so you can access the tools and software at an affordable price point.

customer insight dashboards

Leverage insightful business analysis on our platform to strategise your next move
for business growth, customer retention and loyalty.
  • Customer preference
  • Campaign performance
  • Trend prediction
  • Industry benchmark

Businesses we support

Streamline your in-person and online store operations

Recommended solution suite

In-person & Online Payment

One-stop payment solutions to accept all major digital payment methods


Omni-channel Retail Platform

Manage stores, online stores and social eCommerce.


Omni-channel Conversational Commerce

All-in-one omnichannel conversational commerce Platform for OMO sales, Message Marketing and Customer Success.


Omni-channel Social Commerce Platform

Enables full conversational journeys across SMS, live chat on websites, and popular social and messaging applications.

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Attract customers and boost revenue with marketing tools

Recommended solution suite

In-person & Online Payment

One-stop payment solutions to accept all major digital payment methods


Complete iPad POS System

Offer flexibility in easy business management, increasing staff productivity and improving customer service, under one platform.


CRM & Loyalty Program System

Visualise and monitor the data of your customer behaviour, campaigns, memberships and more to optimise your business and campaign performance.


Social Media Influencer Marketing Platform

Connects businesses and influencers to achieve campaign targets, enhance merchant’s business traffic and drive sales.

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Manage treatment booking to customer profile

Recommended solution suite

In-person & Online Payment

One-stop payment solutions to accept all major digital payment methods.


O2O Beauty Management System

Allows businesses to manage and analyse sales data effectively.

livi Paylater


Allow customers to split purchases into flexible instalments at checkout.

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From account & bookkeeping to multiple payment methods, manage businesses digitally on KConnect

Recommended solution suite

In-person & Online Payment

One-stop payment solutions to accept all major digital payment methods.


cloud-based Payroll & HR SaaS Platform

Streamlines all HR tasks, from employee onboarding, scheduling, attendance, leave, to payroll, MPF and Taxation.


Social Communication Channels

Centralised customer support management with WhatsApp CRM tool to save time and cost.


Flexible SME Funding

Data-driven, simple and flexible funding solution for your business expansion and pay for business expenses.

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Frequently asked questions
Q1. What is SaaS?
Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to use software applications on the internet. A SaaS application is a software solution that merchants can subscribe to based on their business needs. The service provider manages the development and maintenance costs of the software, hardware or middleware, and ensures the security of the application and data. Therefore, merchants could get their hands on SaaS applications at an affordable price.
KConnect serves as a one-stop service platform that enables SME merchants to manage their core business operations with SaaS.
Q2. What is KConnect? How does it help my business grow?
KConnect is a platform that allows SME merchants to access, review and manage comprehensive data from different SaaS applications and non-SaaS services and tools, including payment, omni-channel marketing, accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management, ordering system and other business tools. With KConnect, merchants could quickly access multiple SaaS applications in one platform, perform fast responses with valuable insights.
Q3. What are the applications can I find on KConnect?
KConnect has integrated with a variety of applications and services, including payment service, omni-channel marketing, human resources management, customer relationship management (CRM), ordering & POS systems. We will continue to grow and develop the KConnect platform and more applications will be available to provide comprehensive business solutions for merchants.
Q4. Do I need to apply for all SaaS applications on KConnect?
You do not need to apply for them all at once. You can apply to add extra SaaS whenever needed.
Q5. How does KConnect charge the fees?
The KConnect platform is free for all KPay merchants. Merchants can subscribe to the applications and services with additional costs on KConnect based on their business needs. The application service charges vary for each application. Please contact our Business Development Team for details.
For more details on KConnect, please leave your contact on the Enquiry Form. Our Business Development Team will contact you as soon as possible.
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